TempSure Envi

Beautiful Skin. Beautifully Simple.

No Surgery • No Needles • No Downtime • Just Results!

Beautiful Skin. Beautifully Simple.

No Surgery • No Needles • No Downtime • Just Results!

What it Is & What To Expect

Tempsure radiofrequency technology was originally developed for cosmetic procedures. It has been featured in many major TV, radio, and magazine advertisements such as Marie Claire. However, it was discovered to also be a highly effective treatment for many conditions that affect the eyes, eyelids, and periocular region (the area of the face surrounding the eyes and eyelids). Some conditions commonly treated with radiofrequency technology include dry eye syndrome (DES), Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), drooping upper eyelids causing visual disturbances, drooping lower eyelids causing constant watering, and many more. For cosmetic results Tempsure radiofrequency works to treat these conditions by helping to restore the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue surrounding the eyes and eyelids. The best part? The only secondary side effect of the Tempsure dry eye / eyelid treatment is (obviously, in addition to improvement in Dry Eye symptoms) a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! This technology is a non-invasive alternative to surgeries, injections, and other cosmetic procedures used to reduce facial wrinkles such as crow’s feet, smile lines, and more. Tempsure precisely heats the deep layers of your skin using advanced radiofrequency energy without damaging the epidermis, or top layer. The heat causes the existing collagen in your skin to contract and tighten. Also after the treatment, your skin will start to produce new collagen. The result is an improvement in skin tightness and wrinkles you can see and feel. Doctors render this a non-surgical face lift and it has been approved by the FDA. Our technicians have been extensively trained and certified in performing and assisting in this phenomenal breakthrough procedure. Most patients describe it as feeling like a warm massage that will continue to improve the firmness and collagen of the skin over the next 6 months. Tempsure is safe for all skin types and fits perfectly into any beauty regimen. Sessions vary from 30 minutes for dry eye treatments to an hour or more for full face treatments, depending on the type of treatment being administered. You will notice results immediately after the procedure, however, results will continue to improve and compound until maximum efficacy is reached at approximately 6 months after the procedure. To obtain optimal results, we suggest having a series of 3-5 sessions with anywhere from 2-4 week intervals in between each procedure. The number and duration of sessions will vary depending on the age of the patient as well as the condition being treated and the desired results. Contact our office to speak with a trained technician that will be happy to help you develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you and your eye and skin care needs!

How It Works

Untreated Skin

TempSure Envi targets facial fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen Synthesis Begins

TempSure Envi delivers radiofrequency technology to gently heat your skin. Increasing the skin’s temperature for a defined, therapeutic time will trigger a natural response for your skin to create new collagen.

Collagen Remodeling Occurs

The new collagen fibers are tight, dense, and neatly organized giving you tighter, younger-looking skin.

Before & After

What to Expect

TempSure Envi targets fine lines and wrinkles on the face and the appearance of cellulite on the body. It’s best to schedule a series of treatments then plan for regular maintenance treatments to help your body counteract the loss of collagen that is part of the natural aging process. Just like regular trips to your stylist or nail salon, you can make your TempSure Envi treatment part of your ongoing beauty regimen!

  • During a face-only treatment, you will experience a gentle warming sensation around the target area(s). Most treatments can be performed in under 45minutes, which makes this a great lunchtime option.
  • During a body-only treatment, you will experience a gentle warming and massage sensation around the target area(s). Most body treatments can be performed in under an hour!
  • After the treatment, there is usually only a slight redness of the treated area. This redness generally will subside soon after. You will be able to return to your daily activities immediately following treatment!


Does it hurt?
TempSure Envi has been carefully designed with comfort in mind to provide you with a comfortable and effective treatment every time! 99% of patients described the treatment as comfortable
How long are treatments?
Treatments last about 30-60 minutes depending on the area being treated. There is absolutely no downtime allowing you to return to your normal activities immediately.
When will I see results?
Instantly! You will leave with a natural glow and what patients describe as a “tighter” feeling. The best part is collagen will continue to rebuild over time enhancing your skin’s appearance.
Is this right for me?
TempSure Envi is right for everyone! Treatments are extremely safe and can be performed on all skin types. Unlike other technologies, treatments can be performed all year ‘round.
Why TempSure Envi?
TempSure Envi is a simple solution for beautiful skin. It provides a soothing patient experience, while delivering beautiful results. Each treatment delivers consistent heat, giving you an effective, yet comfortable treatment every time.
How many treatments are needed?
A series of treatments are always recommended, but every patient is different. The optimum number of treatments can vary, so please work with your provider to develop a plan that is right for you!

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